The New World

For many hundreds of years there was only one continent known to be the world, Prelos: the Eastern Continent. One Hundred and fifty years ago that changed as explorers from the kingdom of Ruthania sailed west across the Khusak expanse and eventually landing among the Sharktooth Islands. Just to the west and south lay the New World.


This new continent has been given several different names by different powers. The original Ruthanian explorers claimed the land for their King and named it New Ruthania. Others call it Smålanð to describe the inhabitants who are native here. Many of the halfling and kobold tribes native to the New World oftentimes call it Puni-Puni, but it is unclear whether or not this is actually a descriptor for the whole world or even the entire cosmos.

Due to the density of the New World’s forest and the dangers of the violent tribes and other hazards, very little has been explored much deeper than the coastal areas. Some brave souls have put down roots on the mainland, but these settlements are little more than fortified trading posts.

The New World

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