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Shiver me timbers, ye landlubbers!

These islands are rich with adventure and treasure for those brave or foolish enough to seek it. A collection of many islands of differing scale, only those with ships are able to travel freely. Even then, the dangers of pirates and raiders deter many.

Some of the larger islands of the northeast have recently joined together into a sort of collective government, but a united band of brigands may prove to be no better than all the independent entrepreneurs who ply the waters and passages. Only time will tell.

Regardless of these dangers life does go on as normal for people outside the various pirate havens. As civilization encroaches on these isolated islands, so does the stability and bureaucracy. It’s not uncommon to have armed ships from the King’s Navy escorting their merchant and treasure ships.

Ancient temples, pitched naval battles, sunken treasure, high adventure, and cannibalistic halfling natives all abound among the Sharktooth Islands!

Home Page

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